March 8, 2013

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If you use the Movable Type content management system

I haven't done this before but I want to use today's post to point you to a developer I've been working with. Yes i'm being very specific, but bear with me, this will be useful to the folks who use the Movable Type content management system.

I've been working with Mihai Bocsaru, a developer in Romania, for four or five years now. He is a Movable Type expert of the first order and I can't recommend him more highly. In addition to his development services, he recently started a service for upgrading Movable Type websites. If you've ever upgraded your CMS for security reasons or to add new features, you know it can be a can of worms.

I can tell you from experience that Mihai and his crew makes if pretty painless.


Mihai's development company is

and his Movable Type upgrade service is

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