January 15, 2014

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Do you use Facebook to promote your organization? Read this important post about using images, links, and text...

I have been wondering why the posts I create using images, links, and text on my Ideabookfb Facebook page seem to "reach" significantly fewer readers than those without images and links.

So I tried an experiment prompted by an article by Shelly Palmer, a Tech Expert for WNYW-TV in New York. He posed that Facebook posts created using text, images, and links reach far fewer of your potential readers than those without images. And, if you read through Palmer's article, it appears the folks at Facebook agree (with the expected provisos).

In any case, I did a simple (albeit unscientific) test of my own and what he says certainly seems to be the case. If you've made the same mistake as I have (using images with my text and links) I think you'll find this quite interesting.


Palmer's article, Facebook Reach Data: Do The Numbers Lie?

To be fair, I don't believe the numbers "lie" but I do think, if you are not aware of this issue, the way it works is counter-intuitive and something I wish had been made more clear.

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Even as an unscientific test, I think you should go one step further and try the same thing in reverse. It is possible that Facebook minimizes exposure to subsequent posts with similar text to reduce the spamminess.

Interesting Ben. I will.

Interesting test...but maybe your results have more to do with the quality of your image. There is not much in that image to inspire interest or garner a click. As a photographer using Facebook to promote my work, I can't imagine posts without images. I plan to test it -- but images are powerful.

Haha... Thanks for the kind words.

Oh gosh. Sorry. I didn't mean to be mean...just wondering if an highly clickable image might garner more interest. But I suppose if your test (and the article) holds true, that's beside the point anyway. Again, my apologies! E.

It is sort of irrelevant here whether your image or text are interesting, quality or whatever, isn't it? When FaceBook says that x number people of "saw" your post, does that mean they actually stopped and read it? Or just that it was on their newsfeed and they scrolled by it? It would be hard to say that any one read the text version without link since it makes no sense without it.

But it does look like FaceBook does prefer posts without links and photos, and they end up on more news feeds. But being on more news feeds doesn't necessarily mean better publicity.

"Saw" is the most generous of terms. I've read claims that the average person (whatever that means) see hundreds of marketing messages every day. Perhaps. But how many register? I, typically, can only recall the ones that annoy me.

Needless to say, this is why I believe Facebook is more of an unpredictable game than a serious marketing solution.

I'd really like to hear the results of your trying Ben's suggestion. I think it would help clarify/support this theory.

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