January 2, 2013

Web Design

2013: Is this the year responsive web design goes mainstream?

I point you to this website for three reasons.

it's a good reminder that the internet is not magic — it is, in fact, a tangible system of interconnected computer networks that is designed, constructed, and maintained by real people and their organizations. I fear that many of us push a switch and expect something to happen without appreciating the enormity of what that takes.

Second, the Google Data Centers Gallery website is a good example of responsive web design — a simple, clean design that automatically adapts to the device on which you are viewing it. If you're on a desktop or laptop, narrow the window of your web browser to see how the same page adapts itself to tablet and smartphone screen shapes and sizes.

Third, I like the design. Responsive layouts tend to use simple shapes, briefer/larger text, and more illustrations. I suspect 2013 will be the year that responsive design goes mainstream.

Happy New Year.

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