August 13, 2014

Print Design

For lovers of advertising ephemera

I was in a shop recently, that specializes in paper ephemera, and I found an early advertisement (1910s) for an interesting contraption—a centrifugal cream separator. What does this have to do with graphic design? I think it's a pretty sophisticated example of a classic mail order ad. Note the letter within the layout, the "30 Days' FREE TRIAL," the "Double Guarantee," the mail-in coupon, and all of the wonderful copy.

I thought it was interesting enough that I would frame and hang it. In case you'd like a printout, the link is to an 11 x 17 inch version that I scanned in high resolution.


The Sharples Genuine Tabular "A" Cream Separator (8.29 MB PDF)...

Some history of the Sharples Cream Separator from West Chester University... is a learning machine—one of, if not THE best way to learn about using the tools of the design trade. Click here and try it out free for a week.

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Thanks for sharing. What I find amazing about early 20th century ads is the amount of hand lettering and hand drawing involved. Very labor-intensive, especially considering all the digital tools we have now. There wasn't even Letraset in those days!

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