February 4, 2013


Using paper, printing, and perforations to turn a static design into an interactive tool

I hesitate to point out that the work you are about to see is, as I understand it, work that Fred Carriedo created for class projects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Yikes, is every bit as talented as some of the best designers I know.

Rather than focusing on the aesthetics of the designs, I suggest you dig into the way he uses perforations, die-cuts, types of paper, printing techniques, and such to create pieces that give me a sense that I want to interact with them.

To me, this is fabulous stuff, loaded with insightful ideas.

fred carriedo

Example 1: Transform..."Detail from a conceptual experimental book and conference collateral that addresses the topic of evolution and the future of communication, technology, and design."...

Example 2: Sugar Deli Food Center... "The final project for my Package Design 2 class... I chose to redesign the Sugar Deli Food Center in New York and work with a modernized picnic concept based on the "Now Serving No." tickets you often see in delicatessens. Each items carries a unique number with a description of the item on the label"...

Example 3: Empire Vineyards... "Package Design 3 / Project 1. Design Objective: Design labels and packaging for a line of wine, liquor, or beer. I chose to design and brand my own vineyard based on the research I conducted"...

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I found Fred Carriedo's work totally intriguing. It's amazing how you can put all those simple elements together and end up with such elegance. I would never have thought of it myself. Great design. Thanks Chuck for pointing him out.

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