February 15, 2013

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If you do any email marketing...

I don't normally recommend products I don't use myself — but MailChimp will be an exception. MailChimp is an email-marketing service that provides some of the most advanced tools in the industry. I use Constant Contact to send my email newsletters, but I have really come to enjoy and appreciate the Resource Guides MailChimp offers provides to their subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Titles cover topics such as...
> Transactional email
> Common email marketing rookie mistakes
> How to manage your list
> Email security
and so on...

Some of this information, of course, relates specifically to the MailChimp platform, but lots of it will be useful to anyone sending email for marketing purposes.

I like it when companies are confident enough about the value of their products that they aren't afraid to share their ideas.

mail chimp resources

The MailChimp Resources...

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I couldn't agree more Chuck. Mail Chimp has seriously put out a ton of value to it's customers (and non-customers).

Plus their service is free if you have a small list. Who could beat that, right?

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