May 30, 2013


When it comes to creative work, price is no gauge of quality

Design, copywriting, photography, illustration, video production, and so on, is ALL about WHO is doing the work--not how much it costs. Hence, it is not out of the realm of possibility to buy the best work for next to nothing or to spend a near-fortune on pablum.

And I mean that in no uncertain terms. When you buy work for branding, advertising, and marketing, you are buying the interest, talent, insight, and experience of the individual--that's why the creative's portfolio of work is so important.

Here's my point: We have entered a time when aggregators are working hard to convince buyers that design is more of a transaction than an interaction. They want buyers to believe that using a middleman is the way to produce high-quality work for a set price.

And they are dead wrong. Creative work always has been and always will be a complex, personal interaction between the sponsor, the artist, and the audience.

So fellow creatives, let not your heart be troubled. Smart buyers will not be fooled, they will learn that to get good work, you must seek out and work with dedicated, talented people who have a passion for the process--and that what it costs is a mere aside.

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