August 14, 2013


A snapshot of graphics and imagery preceding World War II

I got started on this little design journey when I came across a wonderful illustrated map titled, "A cartograph of Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate International Exposition."

Which led me to an excellent Wikipedia article about the event and an immense collection images and print materials compiled by photographer and urban explorer, Jon Haeber.

The exposition or "World's Fair," was going on at the same time as the 1939 World's Fair in New York and its primary purpose was, as I understand it, to showcase west coast products and companies.

I'm finding it provides lots of interesting retro design inspiration.

golden gate expo cartograph 1939

The 1939 World's Fair picture map...

An immense collection of print materials from the Exposition...

An antiquated film snapshot of 1939 California and the exposition from the Prelinger Archives...

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