October 6, 2010

Ideas 101

Play games--make better creative decisions

You may have read recently about an upcoming study that reports how video game play can speed up reactions in other real-life situations—"Improved probabilistic inference as a general learning mechanism with action video games".

It got me thinking about how important it is to exercise your mind. To explore areas of interest and pursue paths simply to get you thinking more creatively. An engaged designer is a more creative designer.

I want to point you to two resources that are certain to spark fire. First, the home of IdeaSPOTTING author Sam Harrison. In addition to his thoughtful books he offers some actions to take that will improve the creative process.

And second is a site called Lumos Labs, a "cognitive neuroscience research and development company that builds software tools for improving brain health and performance." I have played around with their iPhone App for a couple of months and, though it is difficult to connect it to a specific improvement in my creative problem solving skills, I've have seen a marked improvement in my scores.

I'm curious to hear if you have experienced creative spurts you can attribute to some type of neurological or intellectual stimulation.

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It's Your Move from Sam Harrison's zing zone...

Lumosity's scientifically designed Brain Games...

The aforementioned study on video game play and its effect on reaction time...

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