July 9, 2007

Graphics Tech

For your web toolbox

Web Developer is a FREE web browser add-on (Firefox, Flock, Mozilla, Seamonkey) that allows you to view just about every element of a web page in any way you choose.

For example, selecting “Images” then “View Image Information” produces a list of all of the images that make up the page along with the name, location, width, height, and size of each. Choosing “Miscellaneous” then “Edit HTML” adds a box to the page that allows you to edit the code on the page to see effect changes make to the layout.

Web Developer is a great tool for both serious designers AND those who want to learn about what makes a web page tick. Just promise me, if you download and use this tool, that you will make a donation its developer, Chris Pederick—such a wonderful tool deserves the support of its users.

Chris Pederick's Web Developer

Chris Pederick's Web Developer ...

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THe web developer plugin for firefox is really feature rich and I have heard only good things about it.

Says it works for MacOSX, but it's an XPI format? Am I missing something?

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