April 7, 2014

Design Briefing 178: Sound off...

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Chuck, I could not agree more! The logo is foundational to the brand. If the client doesn't understand how a bad logo is sending out the wrong message to their target audience, and they won't listen to the expertise for which they are paying, it is a giant red flag. Just step away. It's like trying to teach a pig to whistle...It'll just frustrate you and annoy the pig.

Poorly designed logo...I totally agree and I have had many cases over the years with clients wanting either a website or brochure designed and provide me with a bad or home made logo. Fortunately in all cases they have been open to my suggestions and I have been able to modify or create a new logo for them. Some occasions I have done it at a very reduced price, just because I don't want to work with something that doesn't look professional. There is nothing worse than starting off with a bad logo as it's the cornerstone for all promotional material.

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