February 15, 2014

Design Briefing 175: Sound off...

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Regarding "Part of marketing is, "thank you."

I am the Brand Manager for 3 different restaurant concepts located in the Midwest. Our restaurants tend to have some favorites and the managers great about knowing their "regulars".

But on the other hand I don't like walking into a restaurant and the manager/owner says Oh I haven't seen you for awhile; is everything OK? Then I feel creeped out and guilty for not going all the time like his business depends on me visiting; over the top.

Regarding "Part of marketing is, "thank you."

I'm with you. I like to get some sort of "How are you, was everything up to par tonight"? The Owner of an Italian restaurant my wife and I used to frequent back in Oklahoma would at LEAST give us a "friendly nod" and hello when we came in the door, sometimes stop by our table for a few friendly words, sometimes even comp us desert, which is not necessary to keep us coming back, but tasty and always appreciated.

But here's what you can do to enhance the community around you... your kindness will come back to you. Make what you want to happen, happen! Introduce yourself to the owner or manager on duty and let them know that you're a regular, enjoy the food, and look forward to many more dinners with them. Get his/her name and give him/her yours. Use their name in the future, and after a bit they'll greet you too. You may have to share your name with them a few times... and be sure to make a note of theirs, names, unlike faces, are easy to forget. It's wonderful.

Here in Silver Spring, Maryland where my wife and now live, I know our corner Washington Express newspaper agent's name "James" and he knows mine. The stocker in the dairy department "Abdul" of our local Giant Foods store always chats with me, as does our apartment complex manager "Noel". Go the extra mile up front by introducing yourself and you'll establish "community" all around you, made up of those you see frequently. Even our complex security guard "Winston" will stop and greet me by name. Our building is not just where we lay our heads at night, it is part of our community, and it's nice to feel part of a community.

Best of success. Share yourself with others and they will usually do the same with you.

~ Les

Excellent Les--the idea of being proactive is smart. It teaches the people I'm complaining about how I want to be treated. Thank you.

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