July 3, 2013


For people who want to design--but can't get started...

Learn to write headlines.

I recently came across this wonderful two-page newspaper ad by Schwab and Beatty Advertising credited to Victor Schwab and dated 1958. It is titled, "100 advertising headlines--and why they were so profitable."

For a headline to be effective, to paraphrase, it must be read by someone who is interested in the subject and promise the reader a worthwhile reward for reading it.

Lot of what is said here is as true today as it was fifty-plus years ago. Thanks to the Lawrence Bernstein and InfoMarketBlog.com for providing the scan and transcribing its contents.

The headline is a play on one from the list, "To people who want to write--but can't get started."

100 advertising headlines

The original, illustrtated two-page ad (1.1MB PDF)...

The transcribed text...

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