March 25, 2013

Basic design

What makes graphic design in your country different from the United States?

Would you take a few moments to share your thoughts? I'd like to hear your answer to the question and I'd also appreciate it if you'd point me to resources — bloggers, professional organizations, studios, advertising agencies, and so on — that you turn to keep up with design trends in your part of the world.

To be clear, I'm not looking for international resources — my hope, instead, is to get an idea of what distinguishes, if anything, the graphic design business in your country from the United States.

There might be differences regarding technical details, measurements, religious or political influences, language and typography, legal restrictions on professional practices, pervasive color palettes, trends in design styles, particularly influential individuals or organizations, and so on. What are those differences? Where do turn to discuss them or learn more?

The reason I ask is I'd like to write an article examining this issue. Please send you answers to chuckgreen(a) and use the "Subject:" "design by country."

Thanks in advance for anything you're willing to share.

graphic design by country

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